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Active Senior Care Is a Vital Part of Proper Senior Care

There is an unfortunate cliché we hear too often of aging seniors being home-bound and slowly disengaging from all the activities they used to enjoy. The reality is that seniors today are often more active than ever before, which provides significant physical and mental health benefits. Active seniors tend to be healthier, and staying mentally engaged can often stave off the effects of dementia and other psychological deterioration. A healthy and active lifestyle is a very important aspect of proper senior care.

Moreover, staying active simply makes retirement more fun. 

Here is a look at some of the great activity options available for seniors who want to stay fit and healthy.

A Few Great Options for Active Senior Care:

1 – Yoga

Yoga is one of the lowest-impact forms of exercise on the planet, appropriate for all but the most physically-disabled of seniors. Gentle movements and stretching activities improve mobility and blood circulation, and can even bring mental or spiritual benefits!

2 – Music

No one is ever too old to enjoy creating music. From instrumental lessons, to singing competitions, to good old drum jams, there are musical activities for virtually any senior. Plus, music is good for the brain too!

3 – Knitting / Crocheting 

Knitting is a fantastic way to keep your hands active -maintaining your hand-eye coordination- while actually making something useful in the process. Knitting is relaxing, and also a great way to build friendships, talking as you work on your projects.

4 – Line Dancing

Dancing can make anyone feel young, and line dancing is becoming increasingly popular among aging boomers. The activity is relatively low-impact, and is done in a group setting where plenty of people can have a great time without anyone feeling left out.

And for More Ideas in Active Senior Care

Live in the Philadelphia metro area? Neighborly Home Care recommends the local Center For Positive Aging in Lower Merion (PALM), which is inexpensive to join (currently $25/year) and hosts a variety of activities, events, and classes throughout the day – nearly every day.  PALM offers a wide variety of options for active senior care, including exercise, cooking classes, Bible study, musical practice, and much more.

Membership is not mandatory for many of their activities, so anyone is free to come and see what PALM has to offer.

For information about home care and activities appropriate for the physical and mental needs of yourself or a loved one you are caring for contact Neighborly Home Care.


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