Recovery Care

Recovery after a medical procedure or hospitalization may require more comprehensive care than a family member can provide full time. Neighborly Home Care can offer 24 hour home care services if desired. Private duty recovery care provides extra care and attention to those who have recently undergone surgery or have had other health complications. Our caregivers can be with individuals throughout recovery, and ensure they are watched over during these critical periods.

Services Included in Recovery Care

senior woman in bed being assisted by caregiver | Recovery Care can include 24 hour home care services or part time assistance | Neighborly Home Care

The most important aspect of recovery care is being present. An outside caregiver can provide your loved one with undivided attention, allowing them to focus entirely on providing the support necessary for full recovery. Though our providers are unable to administer nurse services like wound care or medicine administration, they can assist with many other needs, including:

Need Assessment and Care Plan

Our provider will visit you and your loved one and discuss the anticipated needs. He/She will assess the situation and come up with a plan that will address all of those needs, whether your loved one needs 24 hour home care services or only part time coverage.

Meal Preparation

After surgery, patients are often instructed to maintain bed rest. This condition requires them to have someone who can prepare and serve meals and beverages. Our caregivers will follow dietary restrictions, and prepare healthy meals appropriate to the recovery plan.

Restroom and Catheter Assistance

After surgery, patients may be unable to go to the restroom on their own. They may be hampered by recovering wounds, or if they are taking medications, walking around without assistance may be unsafe. Our caregivers are trained to assist clients with restroom needs, or in the event a catheter is required, to help with those needs as well.

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Neighborly Home Care Offers Part Time Or 24 Hour Home Care Services

These can be trying times for family caregivers because recovery after hospitalization can be a long process that often requires more time than family members can dedicate while still maintaining their own jobs and lives. Contact Neighborly Home Care to learn about our hospital stay and recovery care services, which may include 24 hour home care services if needed.