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Senior Home Care in Ardmore

Families of seniors looking for senior home care in Ardmore want to be sure that their senior loved ones are well cared for. As loved ones age, some activities may become more difficult or even dangerous for them to attempt. Some seniors struggle with mild to severe dementia that requires them to have either full time 24 hour supervision or at least someone to check in on them regularly. Driving can become a challenge, making doctor appointments difficult to schedule and maintain. At Neighborly Home Care, we understand that families need to take care of their senior loved ones, and that sometimes they need help.

Neighborly Home Care is based in Ardmore, one of Pennsylvania’s Main Line communities. Ardmore, originally called “Athensville,” is located about eight miles to the west of Philadelphia. The community was established on 410 acres that Welshmen sold to Richard Davis in 1686. In 1884, the town had only three stores, one hotel and a handful of houses. However, it was growing and the train station contributed to further growth and affluence.

Today, Ardmore is home to Suburban Square, the oldest outdoor shopping center in the country. The center, like the community itself, is fairly upscale and trendy, with a reputation for friendliness.

Families of seniors in Ardmore and the surrounding areas, like those in the rest of the country, are increasingly finding that they need help caring for their loved ones. Whether the need is for part time home help care or round the clock supervision, they want skilled and compassionate care. Neighborly Home Care provides assistants who are trained and experienced in senior home care in Ardmore, who are caring and passionate about keeping seniors as happy and healthy as possible.

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We offer many services to our Main Line community neighbors, including

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We offer our home care services in many Main Line, Pennsylvania communities as well as the state of Delaware. 

Neighborly Home Care offers Excellent Senior Home Care in Ardmore, PA

For more information about our Ardmore senior home care services or our other Pennsylvania service areas, and how we can help you have peace of mind regarding your loved ones’ care, contact us at 610-658-5822 today.

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