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Our Process

Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia Home Care Agency

If you are looking for a Delaware or Philadelphia home care agency, you are sure to have many questions. Maybe your decision involves choosing between a home care agency or a nursing home in Philadelphia. Maybe you need help figuring out if companionship care is sufficient or if live-in assistance is essential. Or maybe you just need someone to sit down with you and explain what all these terms mean. Our process helps clients and their families make good decisions and move forward.

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Step One: Initial Phone Consult

When our clients, or their concerned family member, reach out to our caregiver agency, the first step is to schedule an initial phone consult. The phone consultation, or phone interview, is typically with a concerned family member of the person who is in need of services.

At this time, we discuss the location where the care will be provided, why you think your loved one may need care and how much care you feel is necessary on a weekly basis. We discuss the attributes and qualities you think may be helpful in a caregiver and review the payment options that Neighborly Home Care (NHC) makes available to our clients and their families

Woman in white jacket talking to senior woman | Philadelphia Home Care Agency | Neighborly Home Care

Step Two: In-Home Consult

When you decide to move forward in the process, our next step is to schedule an in-home consult. If possible, we recommend meeting in the home of the person for whom you are requesting care. We will spend time with you so you get to know the staff and philosophy of our Philadelphia Home Care Agency to a greater degree. We will also look over the premises and create a plan of care for your loved one.

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Step Three: Home Care Set-Up

The last step is to set up care for the home. We make sure that the plan of care is followed so that there is a safe environment for the client. We complete all necessary paperwork, find the right caregiver to match what you need and set up a schedule for your in-home services.

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