Meet Our Fantastic Team

Tahmir Cook


Tahmir Cook is a Certified Nursing Assistant who was raised in Sharon Hill, PA. Tahmir is what we call a jack of all trades. Currently, Tahmir serves as a Mentor, Youth Director, Nationally Certified Phlebotomist, Certified Nursing Assistant and Recruiter/ Staffing Coordinator with Neighborly Home Care. Tahmir will continue his education at Kaplan University and will be graduating with his Bachelors of Science degree in Healthcare Information Management.

Vicky Herber


I am a married mom of two, we moved from the U.K in 2013. Before we moved to the USA, I worked as a Credit Control Manager in a cooperate setting for over 10 years. For the first two years after we moved, I was a stay at home mom, helping my children settle into their new lives. When I decided to return to the workforce I wanted a change in career, to do something were my work had a positive impact on others. I was lucky enough to be taken on by the wonderful people at Neighborly. We work, as a family to try to help our clients remain independent and in their own homes.

Why I love this place

We treat each other as family, we work together, combining our strengths to help our clients. We truly, work our hardest to provide the best care and help for our clients.

Tiffany Martin

Client Services Scheduler

Tiffany has been working in the Healthcare field for over fifteen years in an array of positions such as a Certified Nurse Assistant, Patient Care Tech, Scheduler, and as an Emergency Dispatcher.

In 2002 Tiffany’s grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was placed on hospice, where he had nurses and nurse aids coming in/out of his home to provide care for him. Having experienced this unfortunate event, Tiffany, completed the work to receive her certificate as a certified nurse assistant and in 2004 she was certified as a Medical Administrative Assistant. She worked in the hospital Neurology Department, as a Patient Care Tech and as a Certified Nurse Assistant part-time.

Tiffany feels that she has found her perfect fit with Neighborly Home Care as a Scheduler. The staff at Neighborly Home Care are like family. She believes in the NHC team and feels that they believe in her. Tiffany takes pride in going above and beyond for those in need or in her care, and she looks forward to helping all of the clients and caregivers.

Jill Middleton

Human Resources Manager

I was born in the state of New Jersey and I currently reside in Roxborough. I studied communications at Florida-Atlanta University in Boca Raton. After graduation, I worked in Philadelphia as a manager at a cancer center. Together with a Master Chef, I helped build and serve an all-organic menu to patients at the center. I also managed the team who served the patients. By ensuring patients were nourished properly, we could help improve cancer survival rates. I was there for two years when a friend told me about a job opening at NHC. After my experience working with cancer patients, I was only considering positions that would have meaning and improve the well-being of others. I liked how NHC was a small growing business that added a tangible value to the surrounding communities.

Why I love this place

I love showing up for work everyday because we have a great team atmosphere and we’re always working together to make our programs better. We genuinely care about our clients and when we work to match a new client to the right caregiver, we take it seriously. We try to think of our clients as our own family, as though we’re helping our own grandparents. Sometimes our clients are on their own and we become like family to them, they’ll call our office just to talk and also to hear about our lives.

Luis Morales

Client Services Manager

Luis is a Certified Nursing Assistant who was raised in Philadelphia, PA. Luis worked in Philadelphia as a PCT (Patient Care Technician) at cancer center for over a decade. Together with an oncology team, he provided care for patients at the center.

Recently, Luis decided to change his direction, though he continues to work in a field that allows him to help others. NHC offers Luis the opportunity to help clients facilitate a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle.

Luis is a community outreach professional who works with clients to help them understand and facilitate their care. He ensures that each client receives the best standard of care available.

Sharon Murphy

Client Services Manager

I was born and raised in England. My parents were living in the U.S. and when I came to visit, they set me up on a blind date with the person who became my husband. I moved to America in 2007 and began looking for an administrative job that would utilize my organizational skills. I had always been in an office and business environment in England. In 2007, I was hired at a local home care agency. From the very beginning, I knew being in the home care industry and having the opportunity to serve the elderly was the right fit for me. Their generation has done so much to help us be where we are today. To me, serving the elderly is not just a job but also a calling. I first learned about Neighborly Home Care when I happened to see a position they posted in the paper. I started working here in 2010 and have never looked back.

Why I love this place

Because we never lose our focus of providing excellent care to our clients, but we are also a forward-thinking organization that thrives on making continual improvements to our business operations. I love getting to know our clients and know that I add value to their lives, whether it’s arranging the right caregiver for them or having a phone conversation with them on a rainy day.

Morgan Zimmerman

Client Services Manager

Morgan was born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and while her life thus far has taken her numerous places, she currently resides in the area of which she spent her younger years. Always passionate about academics and self-expression, Morgan worked diligently at being accepted to Penn State University, which she attended from 2005-2009. She was an integral member of the National Champion Majorette Squad, The Touch of Blue Majorettes, who won 3 titles during Morgan’s time on the team. Morgan studied communications and psychology at Penn State, a path that led her to various roles over the next few years. She has worked primarily in the digital marketing and sales fields; including learning invaluable skills as a ‘cold calling’ salesperson in New York City and as a successful sales manager for a top hotel in King of Prussia, PA.

Morgan loves to help people feel good, which led her to a role in home care. She hopes that through her positivity and exuberance towards life, she can influence those with whom she comes into contact in a beneficial way. Morgan believes that health and wellness start with the mind and a can-do attitude.

In her spare time, Morgan loves to be with her boyfriend and family, and is very close with her young cousins as well. She also loves to dance and especially enjoys attending outdoor summer festivals.

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