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Meet Our Fantastic Team

Rod Rhen – President and Founder

His Story

One of the only photographs I have of me next to my dad’s father is in a nursing home shortly before he died at the age of 57. When I look at this picture, it brings to mind very distinct memories of those last moments with my grandfather and my first experiences in a nursing home. I would say none of those memories would ever choose to pair the word ‘home’ to my descriptions of those visits. These experiences strongly influenced my decision to start a home care organization, particularly, an organization that would make quality home care within financial reach for many families.

Neighborly Home Care Founder and President Rod Rhen

His Background

Many people are surprised to find out that I have a Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering Degree from Bucknell and yet I am running a home care organization. I find that my detail-oriented nature and my constant need to improve things is the engineering side of the equation that has been essential in helping Neighborly Home Care achieve success. And when I define success I define it not just in the fact that we are a financially viable organization that is here to stay, but also in the fact that our clients and their families are happy to work with us.

Being a part of ROTC in college, as well as being an officer in the army, were critical experiences that helped shape who I am professionally. Specifically, I worked in the Corps of Engineers, as a platoon leader for 3 years in Augusta, Georgia. From day one I was in charge of 30 soldiers, many of whom were my same age or older. We did civil engineering projects on the post where we were located, the purpose being preparedness training: should we be deployed to build something, we could. Preparedness training taught my mind to consider the value of what I’m learning now in light of the future benefits it could provide me. This way of thinking was an asset to me when I left the army and worked for a manufacturing company in Buffalo and an even greater asset to me when I saw the opportunity to start a home care agency and pursued it.

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Neighborly Home Care Team Pennsylvania

  • I am a married mom of two, we moved from the U.K in 2013. Before we moved to the USA, I worked as a Credit Control Manager in a cooperate setting for over 10 years. For the first two years after we moved, I was a stay at home mom, helping my children settle into their new lives. When I decided to return to the workforce I wanted a change in career, to do something where my work had a positive impact on others. I was lucky enough to be taken on by the wonderful people at Neighborly. We work, as a family to try to help our clients remain independent and in their own homes.

    Why I love this place

    We treat each other as family, we work together, combining our strengths to help our clients. We truly, work our hardest to provide the best care and help for our clients.

  • Chris was born in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to South Jersey at an early age. He spent fourteen years with a large local grocery retail chain. Throughout his tenure there he was able to go to school and work full time earning his Bachelors in Human Resource from Wilmington University, all while earning valuable management and HR experience. In late 2020 Chris decided it was time for a change outside of the retail world and realized he wanted a career in a field that he was able to make a difference in both the customer’s and his coworkers’ lives.

    When deciding where to continue his career Chris thought back to when his mother was taking care of his grandmother who was slowly developing dementia. Chris noticed that maintaining her job, taking care of her family, and taking care of his grandmother had put a lot of strain on his mother. After finding the right agency and hiring a caregiver to spend time with her, he noticed a weight lifted off of his mother’s shoulders, as well as a resurgence of his grandmother’s independence and happiness. This happened around the time that Chris discovered Neighborly Home Care and realized it was the perfect fit.

    “There is an incredible blend of exceptional home care and a family-like atmosphere within the team at Neighborly.”

  • Kenna was born and raised in Philadelphia. She attended IUP for a year and studied criminology before transferring to Manor Jr College, where she graduated with an Associates in Pre-Nursing/Science. Her previous position in the field was as a home healthcare service coordinator before joining Neighborly Home Care as a Scheduler. Kenna brings both energy and experience to her scheduling position at Neighborly.

    “I love working in a field of helping and caring for others. In my free time, I spend most of my time with my 2 children whom I adore.”

  • Lara Wiscount has been working at Neighborly Home Care, Wilmington Branch, since 2020. She is the Hiring Manager for the entire State of Delaware. Lara has a Master’s Degree in Health Education and was a teacher for 30 years before coming to Neighborly. Lara enjoys photography and spending time with her 4 children.


Neighborly Home Care Team Delaware

  • Amy has a background in Human Services, with over 15 years’ experience in direct care of individuals with substance use disorders, mental health issues, and medical conditions. In her position as Agency Director, Amy will manage the daily operations of personal care services in both Kent and Sussex Counties.

  • I was born and raised in England. My parents were living in the U.S. and when I came to visit, they set me up on a blind date with the person who became my husband. I moved to America in 2007 and began looking for an administrative job that would utilize my organizational skills. I had always been in an office and business environment in England. In 2007, I was hired at a local home care agency. From the very beginning, I knew being in the home care industry and having the opportunity to serve the elderly was the right fit for me. Their generation has done so much to help us be where we are today. To me, serving the elderly is not just a job but also a calling. I first learned about Neighborly Home Care when I happened to see a position they posted in the paper. I started working here in 2010 and have never looked back.

    Why I love this place

    Because we never lose our focus of providing excellent care to our clients, but we are also a forward-thinking organization that thrives on making continual improvements to our business operations. I love getting to know our clients and know that I add value to their lives, whether it’s arranging the right caregiver for them or having a phone conversation with them on a rainy day.

  • Joe Wiscount is our Workplace Compliance and Safety Director, as well as our Scheduler. Joe graduated from Shippensburg University with a BSBA in Accounting and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Drexel University.

  • Kathy Furfaro interviews caregivers for Neighborly Home Care in the Wilmington area. She has worked 26 years in medical offices, 2 years in family medicine, and 24 years in a GI practice.

    Kathy has been married to her college sweetheart for 32 years and they have 3 adult children who live in the Pennsylvania area.

    Kathy enjoys her job and says, “I truly enjoy talking to every caregiver I interview because everyone has a story.”