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Senior Home Care in Wilmington, DE

Families with aging loved ones want to ensure that their loved ones are as healthy and happy as possible. However, difficulties arise when the aging process begins to restrict what activities they can safely perform, or causes their mental faculties to decline. Some families might consider moving their loved one into a nursing home… but a better option exists: senior home care in Wilmington, DE, from Neighborly Home Care.

About Wilmington, Delaware

Neighborly Home Care is conveniently in Wilmington, DE. Wilmington is the biggest city in Delaware, with a long and proud history stretching back to the colonial era. The city was built upon the site of Fort Christina, which was built in 1638 and was the first Swedish settlement in North America. However, this attempt at building “New Sweden” was short-lived, with the settlement first being conquered by the Dutch in 1655, who in turn fell to the British a decade later. In 1731, the city of “Willingtown” was founded, but the city’s name was changed to Wilmington in 1739 – officially establishing the city we now proudly serve.

Caregiver serving senior woman a tray of food | senior home care in Wilmington | Neighborly Home Care

Today, Wilmington is a robust and growing city, notable for the locale’s strong ties to the financial industry. Nearly every major credit card company in America is headquartered here, along with a strong presence from insurance and legal companies. These drive Wilmington’s economy, making the city an economic powerhouse of the area.

Our clients in Wilmington, as with other areas, need caring and compassionate senior care which allows them to age in place in their comfortable environments. We focus on the human element. Our goal is to help seniors achieve as much independence as possible and maintain their lifestyles, while also providing the help and support they need for day-to-day activities. Every client receives a customized elderly care plan based on their physical and mental condition, and also on their own life goals.

Home Help Services

We offer many services to our Wilmington, DE community neighbors, including

Home Health Care Service Locations

We offer our home care services in Sussex, New Castle, and Kent Counties in areas such as Wilmington, DE and Georgetown, DE as well as many Main Line, Pennsylvania communities.

Neighborly Home Care Offers Top-Quality Senior Care in Wilmington, DE

We want to help the seniors in your family live full, happy and healthy lives, as well as provide you with peace of mind. If you are in need of quality senior home care in Wilmington, DE, please contact us online or call 302-650-5699 to talk about your specific circumstances.

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