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Senior Home Care in Georgetown, DE

Families want to make sure that their aging loved ones are well cared for and as healthy and happy as possible. When those loved ones begin to have difficulty with day-to-day activities due to mental or physical decline, they begin to explore options for senior home care in Georgetown, DE. They find Neighborly Home Care Delaware’s staff of compassionate and skilled caregivers who offer residents of Georgetown, DE and surrounding areas top quality care.

Georgetown has a unique history among all of the towns and cities in Delaware. Georgetown was born due to border disputes between William Penn’s family and Frederick Calvert, 6th Baron of Baltimore. These disputes delayed discussion of the location of the county seat, which was initially going to be Lewes. Although Lewes served as the first county seat for most of the 18th century, much of the population, particularly the growing population in the west, found traveling to Lewes inconvenient and difficult. Originally a swampy and uninhabited area, Georgetown was then chosen as the second county seat of Sussex County due to its central location. While other American cities were constructed using a grid system or town square, Georgetown was laid out as a circle, which acts as the center of town to this day and is still called “The Circle.”

A sense of history is vital in Georgetown, having a unique holiday called “Return Day.” Return Day is a half-day-long parade and festival that takes place two days after Election Day. The holiday was born from the public congregating in Georgetown 2 days after the election to hear the results. Delivery of election results to the courthouse took roughly two days by horseback from the state capital, Dover. Georgetown is also home to the Georgetown Speedway, and Perdue Farms has a strong presence due to being a significant employer.

The elderly residents of Georgetown, as in other areas in Sussex County, need excellent compassionate senior care that allows them to age in place in comfortable environments. Neighborly Home Care focuses on the human element. Our goal is to help seniors achieve as much independence as possible and maintain their lifestyles, while also providing the help and support they need for day-to-day activities. Every client receives a customized elderly care plan based on their physical and mental condition, as well as their independence goals.

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We offer our home care services in Sussex, New Castle, and Kent Counties in areas such as Wilmington, DE and Georgetown, DE as well as many Main Line, Pennsylvania communities.

Neighborly Home Care Offers Top-Quality Senior Care in Georgetown, DE

We want to help the seniors in your family live full, happy and healthy lives, as well as provide you with peace of mind. If you are in need of quality senior home care in Georgetown, DE, please contact us online or call 302-650-5699 to talk about your specific circumstances.

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