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Home Care Services for Elderly and Disabled Clients in Pennsylvania and Delaware

Contact Neighborly Home Care today to learn more about the personal care services we offer to our elderly and disabled clients living at home in the Pennsylvania counties of Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Chester and Bucks; and the Delaware counties of New Castle and Kent. Simply complete the form below or call (610) 658-5822 to receive a complimentary phone consultation. A Neighborly Home Care staff member is on hand to answer questions about obtaining care for your loved one or becoming a caregiver yourself.

Neighborly Home Care offers companionship, personal care, and transportation services to residents. Additionally, Neighborly Home Care provides specialized services for those affected by conditions including but not limited to Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Our experienced staff of caregivers are well qualified to provide assistance with a full range of activities of daily living, along with medication reminders, meal preparation and light house-keeping, among other tasks. The caregivers on staff at Neighborly Home Care have developed a reputation in the region for providing attentive and compassionate care to clients who have chosen us for in-home services. Fill out the form below to learn more today!

Benefits to working with Neighborly Home Care

One of the added benefits to choosing Neighborly Home Care’s elderly and in home care service lies within the caring employees. The Caregivers assisting your loved ones are not independent contractors; but rather employees of Neighborly Home Care. This assures that all liability and tax issues arising from having a caregiver working in your home are handled by Neighborly Home Care.

Each caregiver undergoes a thorough application and screening process to assure that only highly qualified, caring, and compassionate people are responsible for the loved one that you are entrusting with Neighborly Home Care. Additionally, each Caregiver regularly completes continuing education training to stay current with information and training that will allow them to be a more effective caregiver.

Neighborly Home Care’s services for elderly and disabled clients are a must if you are looking for high quality, compassionate care for your loved ones in need. Our services allow you to be at ease knowing that your loved one is in the care of highly trained professionals. We are here to help. Simply fill out the form above and request information today or contact us by phone and receive a complimentary phone consultation.