Senior Transportation and Errand Services

Seniors and others who may have physical restrictions are often in need of assistance and look for companies that provide senior transportation services. We all need a little help sometimes and at Neighborly Home Care, our home care professionals provide care, aid, and run errands for seniors who are unable to do so, or who need assistance with certain tasks. One of the biggest hurdles that seniors face with regard to errands is that they are too far away from amenities and/or are unable to drive themselves. Our caregivers can help you or your loved ones by offering errand services.

Seniors who are active and get out of the house from time to time are happier and healthier. We enable this by providing the assistance they need to complete their chores. We can also provide companionship on trips to the doctor’s office if no family member is able to take time off work to be with them.

Transportation for Home Care Clients

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Neighborly Home Care’s professional caregivers can provide transportation and errand services for seniors as part of full time care. When seniors in our care need to attend doctor appointments, their care providers will drive them to the appointment, escort them inside, and be available to take notes during the visit. These notes can be helpful later when family members want to be kept up to date on loved ones’ care. Following the appointment, the caregiver will pick up prescriptions and return home with our senior client.

Whether clients need their caregivers to take them to appointments or pick up a prescription, in home care professionals at Neighborly Home Care can ensure seniors get to their destination safely. Depending on the level of care an elderly person receives, our caregiver may also complete the errand alone while he/she relaxes in the comfort of home.

Our caregivers try to take our clients along whenever possible because we wish to keep our clients as active and engaged in their own daily activities and lives as they can be. For some clients, leaving the home may be unfeasible. In other instances, scheduling conflicts may require that an errand be completed on their behalf. For example, grocery shopping can be done by the in home care professional if the client can be left alone or if family is visiting.

Our senior transportation services ensure that each and every one of our clients’ out-of-home needs are met. In order to maintain your health and wellbeing as well as that of your family member, we understand that leaving the house, for a number of reasons, may be necessary. Social interaction, participating in activities to maintain one’s health, routine, independence, and happiness, is important even while receiving professional home care.

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Errand Transportation Services for Seniors and More

All too often, necessary errands can be neglected by seniors who are unable to get everything done. This development can lead to prescriptions going unfilled, a lack of fresh groceries, laundry and other cleaning or maintenance tasks going undone, or broken items in the house never being repaired or replaced. We will do everything we can to complete all of these daily tasks necessary to maintain seniors’ lifestyles, while involving them personally to the extent that their level of ability allows.

For Main Line Philadelphia area residents who just need some help with transportation, we do have individual errand services available. To take advantage of our errand services in Philadelphia please note that we must have adequate time to schedule. Our typical service requires a 4 hour minimum and must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

We understand that the level of care varies per person and we can create a customized care plan to best suit you or your family member’s needs. We are happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your loved ones specific needs. 

What Do Our Errand Services Include?

Errand services at Neighborly Home Care include senior transportation to and from wherever they may need to go in the local area. This can include driving to doctor/medical appointments, salon or hair appointments, to the post office, the grocery store, and to social events or other locations as needed.

Depending on the level of care that is required, the person receiving care may or may not be present when the errands are performed. A caretaker may act as an escort or companion if an elderly individual is able to travel. In other cases, a professional may run the errands in place of the person for whom they are providing care.

Being able to regularly attend doctor’s appointments and pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy is crucial for many senior citizens. Once individuals have reached a certain age and have experienced changes to their health, neglecting to regularly refill medications can be detrimental. Neighborly Home Care’s caregivers help ensure that you or your loved ones continue to live a  healthy life.

Trust Neighborly Home Care for Safe and Reliable Senior Transportation Services

To learn more about our senior transportation and errand services, other senior care services, or about why a commitment to care is so important to the professionals at Neighborly Home Care, contact us by phone at 610-658-5822 or visit our We Care Page.