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Aging can bring new challenges and difficulties to one’s life, including disease and loss of mobility. As a result, millions of seniors across the United States need home care assistance to have a high quality of life in their family homes while retaining their independence and autonomy. Neighborly Home Care was initially founded to provide top-quality home health and elder care services in Philadelphia, with an emphasis on providing highly-trained caregivers who will give personalized care based on the needs of your elderly loved ones.

In Home Elder Care Services

Our specialized elder home care services, now also available in Delaware, can assist those with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, stroke, physical disabilities, and other debilitating conditions. In addition, we can also assist anyone who is beginning to have issues due to age and needs a little help maintaining their lifestyle. Below are the various care services we offer and how each of them can benefit your senior loved ones.

Senior Care

Neighborly Home Care is happy to assist when a senior needs help with day-to-day tasks such as preparing meals. Good nutrition is a cornerstone of aging happily, but many older adults are in situations where they may have difficulty preparing proper meals for themselves or managing good hygiene. Therefore, we emphasize cooking meals suited to their taste but properly balanced to keep their bodies healthy with plenty of fresh ingredients. Our home care agency can also help seniors adhere to specific dietary requirements.

In addition to meal preparation, we can help with daily tasks, ranging from light housekeeping to hygiene and basic chores that may be challenging for them. Seniors can have trouble performing some of these activities of daily living (ADLs) themselves. So when we create our care plans, we carefully consider your loved ones’ needs and which chores or tasks they need help with.

Care for Disabled Adults

Individuals with mental or physical disabilities often require specialized care or supervision, depending on the type and level of disability. Even the most basic of daily tasks and activities can be challenging to those older adults with disabilities. Our caregivers provide compassionate and skilled care for those individuals. Part time or full time services are available to fit the needs of you and your loved ones’ situation.

Woman helping elderly woman down steps | Neighborly Home Care Offers Skilled Elder Care Services in PA and DE

Transportation and Errand Services (PA)

Do your senior loved ones need help getting to doctor appointments? Does your senior loved one need a little extra help with activities outside the home, such as picking up medications or doing grocery shopping? Neighborly Home Care can provide safe transportation for seniors, accompany them to medical appointments, or even handle many errands on their behalf if mobility issues prohibit them from traveling.

Wherever your loved one needs to go, Neighborly Home Care helps ensure that they arrive safely. We have specific training in assisting the elderly, which most public ride-share services lack. We will also accompany our senior clients to doctor appointments and take notes.

Elderly Respite Care

Are you or other family members currently providing home care for an elderly loved one but need a break? Being a caregiver can be highly stressful, especially when you are also balancing work and family. Over time, the stress of caring for loved ones takes its toll, both physically and psychologically. Our respite care services can give you a much-needed break.

For a few days or up to a few months, Neighborly Home Care can step in to temporarily provide elderly care while you focus on taking care of your needs or those of your other family members. Your loved ones will receive quality, compassionate care from a professional caregiver, allowing you more time to attend to other personal matters. Through our services, we work with you to minimize disruption in your loved ones’ current condition or care services.

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In Hospital Care

When a loved one is in the hospital, for surgery or other reason, you want them to have company and advocacy at all times. However, when other family duties, jobs, or other obligations prevent you from being with your loved one at the hospital, you have options.

Neighborly Home Care offers in hospital elder care services by a professional caregiver so that you can ensure that your loved one is receiving proper care and attention around the clock. Some of the services we offer for hospital stays include companion care, providing immediate aid for any urgent needs, and running errands when family visits.

Recovery Care

Recovery care provides extra care and attention to those who have recently undergone surgery or have had other health complications. Neighborly Home Care caregivers can be with individuals throughout recovery and ensure they are watched over during these critical periods.

These can be trying times for family caregivers because recovery after hospitalization can be a long process that often requires more time than family members can dedicate while still maintaining their own jobs and lives. An outside caregiver can provide recovery services without worrying about outside time pressures, allowing them to focus entirely on providing your loved one with the support necessary for a full recovery.

Neighborly Home Care Offers Professional in Home Elder Care Services

Whatever your need for assistance with a senior or disabled adult loved one, we can help. Our skilled and compassionate care providers are well-trained and are passionate about providing your loved ones with the quality care they need. Contact us today to learn more about our elder care services and what we can do to help you.