Cost of Home Care


Self Pay

Clients without Long-term Care Insurance choose to self-pay for the cost of in-home care. We accept a deposit prior to providing care to a client. This deposit gets credited towards your first two weeks of care. From that point forward, we bill our clients weekly. We always make our deposits 100% refundable should services be unused or if a client cancels for any reason.

Long Term Care Insurance

Some clients pay for the cost of home care in Philadelphia through a long-term care insurance policy. Because Neighborly Home Care is an employee-based agency and is properly insured and licensed, we are suited to work with long term care insurance providers. We know how to collaborate with your insurance provider to make sure your loved one gets the care he or she needs.

Waiver Programs

Some clients may be eligible to receive services through Medicaid Waiver programs. Neighborly Home Care is enrolled in various waiver programs in the state of Pennsylvania. Waiver programs were started in the early 1980s when persons who qualified to receive services in an institutional setting, could instead choose to receive services in their home. If you are interested in learning more about the cost of home care, contact our agency and we can direct you to the appropriate enrollment services.

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