Home Health Care Services in Philadelphia

Home Health Care Services in Philadelphia

Neighborly Home Care was founded to provide top-quality home health care services in Philadelphia, with an emphasis on providing highly-trained caregivers who will give personalized care based on the needs of your elderly loved ones.  Our specialized home care services can assist those afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, stroke, physical disabilities and other debilitating conditions. We can also assist anyone who is beginning to have issues due to age, and simply needs a little help in maintaining their lifestyle.

We are located in the Main Line community of Ardmore, PA, but we offer services throughout the area.  We can provide the same excellent level of home health care services in the rest of the Main Line area – including Bryn Mawr, Blue Bell, and Bala Cynwyd – as well as across Delaware, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and Philadelphia Counties.  Our aim is to provide the best possible home care services across the widest possible area surrounding Main Line.

Neighborly Home Care proudly offers the following home health care services.  All of our services are aimed at keeping your elderly loved ones safe, healthy, and happy.

Elderly Respite Care

Are you or other family members currently providing home care for an elderly loved one, but need a break?  Neighborly Home Care can step in to temporarily provide elderly care while you focus on taking care of yourself.

Senior care can be emotionally draining for family members, and those providing care need to take some time for themselves.  Respite care gives you time for some R&R.  We can provide any necessary caregiving needs for any time span, from a few days to a few months, depending on your needs.   Throughout, we will endeavor to closely match the care you have already been providing, to minimize stress on the person being cared for.

24-Hour Home Care

24-hour Home Care Services Philadelphia

24-hour home care services from Neighborly Home Care can help maintain your loved one’s happiness and health, assisting with aspects such as hygiene, dressing, and housekeeping services.

24-hour care can be an excellent alternative to nursing homes, providing the same level of around-the-clock oversight but keeping your loved ones in their own home and surrounded by all of their favorite things.  24-hour care avoids the stress of moving seniors to new locations, which often forces them to leave their old lives behind, while ensuring they will be kept safe throughout their daily activities.

Senior Care

When a senior needs assistance with daily tasks such as preparing meals, Neighborly Home Care is happy to assist.  We can also help seniors adhere to specific dietary requirements.

Good nutrition is a cornerstone of aging happily, but many seniors are in situations where they may have difficulty preparing proper meals for themselves.  We put an emphasis on providing meals cooked to their taste but properly balanced to keep their bodies healthy, and with plenty of fresh ingredients.  We can even help train them in new cooking techniques appropriate for their level of mobility and dexterity.

Day-to-Day Services

Day-to-Day Senior Care Services

From daily visits to full 24-hour assistance, the compassionate caregivers from Neighborly Home Care are here to help your loved ones with their necessary daily activities.

Our day-to-day senior care services are specifically intended to maintain and enhance the senior’s existing lifestyle, based on their current levels of capability.  Trained caregivers can help seniors improve their nutrition, adhere to their medicinal schedules, and complete all the day-to-day chores that may be becoming too difficult.  Whatever might be giving them trouble, we are here to help.

Errand Services

Errand Services

Does your loved one need a little extra help with activities outside the home, such as picking up medications or doing grocery shopping?  Neighborly Home Care can transport seniors to keep them safe, or even handle many errands on their behalf if mobility issues prohibit them from traveling.

All too often, necessary errands can be neglected by seniors who are unable to get everything done. This development can lead to prescriptions going unfilled, a lack of fresh groceries, laundry and other cleaning maintenance tasks going undone, or broken items in the house never being repaired or replaced.  We will do everything we can to complete all of these daily tasks necessary to maintain seniors’ lifestyles, while involving them personally to the extent that their level of ability allows.

Private Duty Care

Private duty care provides extra care and attention to those who have recently undergone surgery or have had other health complications.  Neighborly Home Care caregivers can be with individuals throughout recovery, and ensure they are watched over during these critical periods.

These can be trying times for family caregivers because recovery after hospitalization can be a long process that often requires more time than family members can dedicate while still maintaining their own jobs and lives.  An outside caregiver can provide recovery services without worrying about outside time pressures, allowing them to focus entirely on providing your loved one with the support necessary to fully recover.

Transportation and Companion Services

Transportation and Companion Services

Wherever your loved one needs to go, Neighborly Home Care helps ensure that they arrive safely.  We have specific training in helping the elderly which most public ride-share services lack. We will also accompany our senior clients to doctor appointments and take notes.

Seniors who are active and get out of the house from time to time are going to be happier and healthier.  We enable this by providing the assistance they need to complete their chores.  We can also provide companionship on trips such as to the doctor’s office if no family member is able to take time off work to be with them.

Home Caregivers You Can Trust

Home Care Agency in Philadelphia

We know that allowing strangers into the home of a loved one and putting so much trust in them can be difficult. Our team strives to continually demonstrate our trustworthiness.  We have some of the most stringent hiring policies of any home care agency in the area.  In fact, we hire on average only about 20% of all people we interview for positions.  We also pay above the industry average, specifically to attract the very best.

Our caregivers must:

  • Complete a rigorous multi-step interview process
  • Either be certified nursing assistants or have equivalent training
  • Be approved by the Department of Homeland Security
  • Pass both criminal background checks and driving record checks
  • Pass a nurse aid skills assessment test
  • Pass medical tests to ensure they have no illnesses that could endanger seniors
  • Provide multiple positive references

We truly strive to hire only the best of the best, people who are genuinely committed to improving the lives of the elderly while having the skills to succeed.  When you allow a caregiver from Neighborly Home Care into the home of a loved one, you can feel assured that the caregiver is trustworthy.

Neighborly Home Care Provides Comprehensive Personalized Home Health Care Services in Philadelphia

At Neighborly Home Care, we know that senior care is never “one size fits all.”  We will work with you to understand your situation and craft a customized set of solutions that maximize seniors’ sense of personal freedom, while providing everything needed to keep them safe and sound.

With a dedication to compassionate care and strict hiring policies which focus on recruiting the best caregivers, Neighborly Home Care is the agency you can trust with your elderly loved ones in need of special care.  Contact us to learn more  about our home health care services in Philadelphia, and to schedule a free consultation.

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