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Neighborly Home Care Reminds Families That Home Care Agencies Can Help with Senior Fitness

Senior couple exercising | senior fitness tips | Neighborly Home CareMarch 29, 2021 – Ardmore, PA – Neighborly Home Care, one of the leading home care agencies on the Main Line in Pennsylvania, emphasizes seniors’ need to have some regular physical activity when possible. Medical professionals and experts recommend seniors perform moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes, five days a week. However, many older adults may have trouble knowing which exercise programs to use, or the proper way to maintain physical fitness as their age.

Thankfully, many fitness centers and providers offer more options for senior fitness today than ever before. Boomers and the silent generation (the group of Americans born between 1925 and 1945) remain highly concerned about their health and mobility, and fitness providers are increasingly offering classes tailored to seniors’ needs. Below we offer a couple of senior fitness tips and note the benefits of physical fitness for seniors.

Senior Fitness Tips

Some people understandably have trouble figuring out what sort of exercises are appropriate for seniors. Fitness and medical professionals have found certain types of exercise effective in helping seniors maintain their health.

Some of the options in senior fitness care now include the following:

  • Aerobics: These low-impact exercises are a great alternative to more rigorous exercise while still maintaining muscular and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Tai Chi: The traditional Chinese practice utilizes gentle movements while emphasizing self-awareness and mental development. Tai Chi is an increasingly popular alternative to aerobics.
  • Cybercycling: A continuing trend in senior fitness combines high-tech exercise bikes with video game concepts to create an immersive experience that has been linked to increased cognitive activity.
  • Swimming: For seniors with mobility or balance challenges, water-based exercise provides many benefits without requiring them to stand for long periods.
  • Silver Sneakers is a program that is offered in gyms and more recently, online. The program is available at no cost for seniors who have certain Medicare plans. These fitness programs are specifically designed for the needs and abilities of seniors.

Benefits of Fitness for Seniors

Seniors benefit from following these senior fitness tips and maintaining their physical health in a multitude of ways. Taking care of one’s physical health can alleviate specific health issues, such as controlling high blood pressure and lowering one’s chance of heart disease. Exercise can also maintain seniors’ cognitive health. For example, doing exercises that help balance and mobility can reduce the risk of falls and brain damage. Also, an important link has been indicated between increased brain activity and a decrease in the early onset of dementia. Physical activity and fitness have also demonstrated a positive effect on seniors’ moods, which is positive since many seniors are at risk of depression.

As a home care agency that offers transportation to regular doctor visits and appointments, Neighborly Home Care is happy to assist seniors in attending fitness classes or visiting community centers. By providing transportation services, they can help mobility-challenged seniors maintain a better level of fitness. In turn, they help seniors increase their overall health and stave off symptoms of dementia.

Neighborly Home Care is committed to helping every patient in their care make the most of their senior years.

About Neighborly Home Care

Neighborly Home Care is a trusted home care agency on the Main Line in, Pennsylvania and in Delaware, offering a full range of home care services, from periodic visits to 24/7 in-home care. Neighborly Home Care prioritizes hiring only the best, most qualified, and most compassionate caregivers to ensure that every patient is treated with the utmost respect.

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