What Makes Us Different?

A note from president & founder Rod Rhen

There are many home care organizations out there so we typically get asked, “So, what makes you different?” Personally, I feel this is the most important question you can ask when seeking to partner with an organization for home care assistance.

Our detailed approach to every unique client situation is our difference. In fact, the reason we feel good when we see our families at the end of the day is because we’ve done everything in our power to take care of yours. Learn about how we choose our caregivers and our extremely thorough hiring and matching process.

We have developed several ways to customize comprehensive care programs to our clients’ needs. Families are always commenting how much they appreciate our thorough introduction to the home care process; we’ll even talk to you about the options that don’t involve us. Learn more about our programs here.

A lot of companies say they are committed to continual improvements… we really are! Read more about the staff that makes our excellent service a reality.


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