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The Four Biggest Benefits from Hiring an Elderly Home Care Provider in Delaware County

Home Care Provider in Delaware CountyAs America’s huge Boomer population continues to age, the problems associated with aging are also becoming a growing concern for more and more families. According to the Home Care Association of America (HCAOA), 40% of adults over 65 require daily assistance in their lives, and at least 70% will need such assistance at some point as they age.

Seniors and their families could make many choices when looking for an elderly home care provider in Delaware County, and many are realizing that home care is a much more viable option than they might have realized. Home care services are an excellent balance between untenable independence and the huge costs and loss of autonomy often associated with nursing homes.

The Four Best Reasons to Seek an Elderly Home Care Provider in Delaware County

1. Companionship

Perhaps more than anything else, elderly home care provides constant companionship for people often heavily affected by loneliness. Companions help them remain engaged and active, which can have immeasurable effect on their mental and bodily well-being. Aging alone, or with only occasional visits, when a senior is unable to get around easily is difficult.

2. Healthier Lifestyles

Home care providers encourage healthier living in numerous ways, including:

  • More exercise
  • Better eating
  • Brain-friendly hobbies
  • Public excursions
  • Meeting new friends
  • Age-appropriate group activities
  • Regular doctor’s appointments

When an older person is having difficulty with any of these issues, a home care provider is often the perfect solution.

3. Cost-Savings

The idea of home care being a less expensive option may seem counter-intuitive, but research backs it up. According to the HCAOA, 25% fewer hospital visits result when an elderly person is receiving home care, resulting in $25 billion dollars a year saved across the country, plus far less stress and worry for everyone involved.  

Further, home care is covered under many insurance and Medicaid programs. For those already receiving medical benefits, home care could easily lower their day-to-day expenses.

4. Respite for Family Members

Finally, please consider the burden elderly care puts on you and your family. Do you have the resources to continue caring for them? The time, financial, and emotional burden of caring for older adults can easily become overwhelming. All too often, we hear stories of family members becoming burned-out from stress, or greatly harming their own quality of life in their quest to maintain the lives of loved ones.

Elderly home care takes the burden off your shoulders, whether you need full time assistance, or consistent regular times of respite.

Call Neighborly Home Care for a Compassionate Home Care Provider in Delaware County

Neighborly Home Care has high standards for their home care professionals, and seeks to deliver the best possible quality of life for every senior in our care. Contact us for more information!

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The families we serve keep saying great things.

I just wanted to tell you how grateful we are that Neighborly Home Care stepped in & took over taking care of my Dad when we really needed it, no questions asked. Our caregiver has become part of the family and we know we can depend on her being there every day & taking great care of my Dad. He misses her when she’s not there!

— Daughter of an NHC Client