Home Care Agencies in Delaware County: Five Concerns for Seniors

Elderly couple hugging | Five Concerns for Seniors | Neighborly Home CareEvery day seniors can face myriad problems that they are afraid or ashamed to discuss with their loved ones. So understanding these problems is essential for you to understand to facilitate a discussion with or about your loved one and help discover solutions for their concerns. Here are five of the biggest concerns for seniors and what you can do to help them.

1. Outliving Their Savings

While life expectancy rose rapidly from the latter half of the 20th century, more seniors find themselves outliving their retirement incomes and savings. In addition, market volatility makes seniors reluctant to leave their investment dollars in high-yield stocks because of the risk of a market crash. Sound and active financial planning is the only way to protect your loved ones’ retirement savings and keep them safe from financial difficulties. If your senior loved ones are unprepared for expenses after retirement, look into financial options as early as possible. Elderly care benefits are available through Medicare/Medicaid, but some of the programs have waiting lists.

2. Healthcare Costs

One of the primary reasons many seniors run out of savings early is the cost of healthcare. Insurance and Medicare cover some costs, but chronic conditions and significant medical procedures can drain savings quickly. The key to controlling healthcare costs is using preventive healthcare measures to catch illnesses before they become threatening to a senior. Home care agencies in Delaware County provide transportation services to doctor’s offices and pharmacies, assisting your loved ones in meeting their preventive healthcare needs.

Other Health Concerns

A major reason why healthcare costs are major concerns for seniors is due to the numerous health problems older adults face. Some of the health concerns seniors face include the following:

  • Cognitive decline and diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • Heart disease and other cardiovascular issues
  • Oral health issues like gingivitis
  • Reduced balance or motor skills, which can lead to falling and tripping
  • Vision or hearing loss

All of these health issues can have long-term side effects for people age 65 or older. Preventing these illnesses and diseases, whether by helping seniors be physically active or providing transportation services, will go a long way to improving your loved one’s quality of life.

3. Loneliness & Depression

Once a spouse passes and children move away, loneliness becomes a significant concern, which can lead to depression. The Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health recognize loneliness as a risk factor in depression, which is a severe issue for seniors in the United States. Many community programs cater to the needs of senior citizens, and home care agencies in Delaware County provide social interaction and assistance that encourages seniors to stay engaged and prevent loneliness and social isolation.

4. Loss of Independence

Another one of the major concerns for seniors is a loss of independence. After decades of independence, some seniors are afraid of becoming mentally or physically unable to care for themselves. The loss of driving privileges and an inability to do routine household tasks or activities, such as making meals at home, are particularly troubling. Home care agencies in Delaware County, like Neighborly Home Care, can provide caregivers to assist seniors with daily household tasks to help them do what is needed for healthy living while still providing a sense of autonomy and independence.

5. Security

If a senior slips and falls, a wide range of medical problems can arise, from broken bones to deep bruises and further complications. Slip and fall accidents are most troubling for seniors who live alone or have family members who often cannot visit. Neighborly Home Care in-home visitation checks-up on your loved ones regularly, giving you and your loved one peace of mind by making sure they are safe and secure in their homes.

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