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How COVID Is Changing Aging and Retirement

COVID-19 has profoundly impacted the working and living situations for many people, with seniors facing particularly noticeable changes. While more and more seniors had been opting to spend their retirements in their family homes, the virus has accelerated that trend. As a result, even more seniors than before will choose to age-in-place. The need to stay physically and socially active while remaining mostly indoors is also a significant change. Both of these changes result in more people requiring professional caregivers and caregiving services. Here are a few ways COVID is changing aging and retirement.

More Aging in Place

Caregiver helping elderly man out of bed | COVID is changing aging and retirement | Neighborly Home CareNursing homes have been hit especially hard by COVID-19, and as a result, more people are discussing in-home care with their elder loved ones. The sudden changes in social behavior and the economic landscape have led more people to look into potential in-home care options for their loved ones out of a desire to keep their loved ones safe and healthy. One possible result of the increase in families seeking in-home care is more resources to help people age at home. We may see more private or public programs that make in-home care a more viable option for more people across the country.

In addition to seniors currently needing care, younger adults’ mindsets about in-home care may shift. For example, young adults in their 20s or 30s could start adjusting their retirement plans for eventually aging-in-place. In-home care will become a more viable and attractive option for young people worried about potentially similar future situations as a result of the ways COVID is changing aging and retirement.

A Greater Need to Stay Active Indoors

The need to stay indoors to keep safe will result in more seniors and care professionals seeking ways to remain physically, mentally, and socially active indoors. Going outside is an excellent way for seniors to stay physically, mentally, and socially engaged, but COVID-19 will force caregivers and families to find new ways of achieving those various needs while remaining physically distant from others.

Physical Health

Two significant ways that COVID is changing aging and retirement is seniors staying physically active indoors and medical professionals monitoring their health remotely. Seniors do need physical exercise to maintain their health, and so many activities will need to be done indoors due to the virus. Telemedicine already has and will continue to see growth to monitor seniors’ health better remotely. More technologies will help doctors track their patients’ health, including wearable devices and diagnostic tests for home use. These technologies and devices provide doctors with critical information, such as blood pressure and weight.

Mental & Social Health

Adult man with elderly woman looking at tablet together | COVID is changing aging and retirement | Neighborly Home CareTechnology will also play a more significant role in maintaining seniors’ mental and social health at home. Video calls have been rising in use for some time and this trend will likely continue as the number of people who are unable to visit their senior loved ones in-person grows due to health concerns and precautions. Online entertainment, such as virtual travel guides or films, is also likely to play a more significant role in helping seniors stay mentally engaged and healthy.

These changes could ultimately result in more people seeking help from professional caregivers for their senior loved ones. Some people find acting as a full-time family caregiver both physically and emotionally demanding. Professional services can help ease the stress and meet seniors’ medical, physical and emotional needs.

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To give your elderly loved ones the best care possible, contact Neighborly Home Care. Neighborly Home Care will meet all of your loved ones’ caregiving needs, from physical to mental. Our highly qualified caregivers are experienced in developing care solutions and providing quality senior care services, such as disability care, respite care, and in-home care. We create comprehensive care plans that encompass your loved ones’ needs while maintaining their sense of autonomy and peace. For more information on our services, or how COVID is changing aging and retirement, contact us today.

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