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Neighborly Home Care Explains Why a Picnic Is the Perfect Summer Activity

If you are currently caring for a senior citizen, then you are probably considering all of the fun, different summer activities that you can enjoy. From scenic walks to poolside swims, there are lots of fun activities to choose from.

At Neighborly Home Care, our senior care givers recommend that families and other caregivers try having a picnic. Not only will a picnic encourage seniors to eat outside in the fresh air, but it will also provide the perfect environment for quality time to be spent together.

When getting ready to plan a picnic, always remember the following steps:

Step 1: Find the Ideal Picnic-ing Spot

The perfect picnic spot can be found anywhere, whether at a park or even just behind a shady tree in your backyard.

Step 2: Bring Fruits, Snacks, & Other Healthy Foods

The best foods to bring to a summer picnic are cool ones like watermelon, salad, or Jell-O because they will leave everyone feeling refreshed.

Step 3: Watch Out For Bugs & Buy Some Insect Repellant Spray

Bugs, especially mosquitos, carry lots of diseases, some of which can have devastating effects, like the West Nile virus. To avoid infection or contagion use bug spray and keep away from bug-infested areas.

Step 4: Always Remember to Drink Lots of Water, Bring Sunscreen, & Prepare for the Heat

In addition to practicing heat safety, you should also make sure not to take seniors outside when the sun is directly above the sky.

To find out more about the various activities that senior caregivers can do with elderly citizens this summer, visit the Neighborly Home Care website today at:

All caregivers from Neighborly Home Care are certified nursing assistants or have received equivalent training and passed a nurse aid skills assessment test.

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