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Benefits of 24-Hour Senior Home Care

Many families caring for an elderly parent may realize their loved one can no longer act independently or complete previously manageable tasks. Perhaps your loved ones have experienced a physical or mental decline that necessitates 24-hour senior home care.

Seniors who need care 24 hours a day can find comfort knowing there are alternatives to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. In addition, home care agencies such as Neighborly Home Care offer around-the-clock care. 

Caregivers who provide senior home care 24 hours a day offer many services, including (but not limited to) personal care, meal preparation, and medication reminders.

Caregivers Provide Safety and Security

For those whose senior loved ones live alone and are concerned with their safety, a 24-hour caregiver can help them feel secure. A caregiver can do some tasks, including checking on your elderly parent or locking doors at night. This type of home care worker is always on call for whatever tasks need completing outside regular business hours.

Caregivers Can Recognize Evolving Emotional and Physical Requirements

One benefit of having someone with your loved one 24 hours a day is that the caregiver can monitor their health and safety closely. The caregiver will become familiar with the behavior and tendencies of the person they are caring for, allowing them to recognize changes in the status of the senior’s physical or mental condition. When detected early and addressed by seeking appropriate medical attention or other assistance (as needed), the impact of these changes can be minimized or eliminated.

24-Hour Senior Home Care Offers Peace-Of-Mind for Family Members

Having a caregiver in the home benefits the senior in many ways. In addition, 24-hour senior home care can also profoundly help the senior’s family.

Knowing a loved one is not alone and has the attention of a trained caregiver at all times offers peace of mind to their family. For one, constant companionship and assistance help to reduce anxiety and stress in your loved one. This is especially important as people age and experience more limitations due to health issues. Also, constant companionship minimizes the need for family members to take time off from work.

In addition to providing senior care assistance, caregivers can help the senior with errands. Caregivers can accompany the senior to any appointments as necessary. Lightening the load for family caregivers can allow those individuals to spend quality time with their other family members and friends.

A Specialist Is Available During Emergencies

An accident is one of the most significant risks at home for an older adult. Unfortunately, one of the leading types of accidents in the house for the elderly is an unexpected fall.

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The families we serve keep saying great things.

I just wanted to tell you how grateful we are that Neighborly Home Care stepped in & took over taking care of my Dad when we really needed it, no questions asked. Our caregiver has become part of the family and we know we can depend on her being there every day & taking great care of my Dad. He misses her when she’s not there!

— Daughter of an NHC Client
Aging in Place

Caregivers providing 24 hour senior home care will assist with a senior moving about their home, significantly reducing this risk. In the unlikely event of a fall or other accident, promptly addressing the situation is of utmost importance. Suppose a caregiver is present at the time of an accident or fall. In that case, a caregiver can provide immediate first aid or assistance.

If necessary, caregivers can also call 911 or take to summon further help from health care professionals. Elderly persons with care around the clock are less likely to experience a significant injury due to falling or other accidents.

Companionship Helps Seniors

Loneliness is a common problem for older adults. Loneliness can lead to depression, memory loss, socialization problems, and mental health issues. A 24-hour caregiver can be the perfect companion for your loved one because that caregiver can provide company and is trained in senior care and wellbeing.

By providing 24/7 care for your loved ones, you can significantly increase their safety in the comfort of their own homes. In addition, the peace of mind afforded to family members and the physical and emotional advantages to a senior receiving 24 hour support may make the live-in option the best choice for you and your loved one.

Reach Out To Neighborly Home Care for 24-Hour Senior Home Care Services

If you need 24-hour senior home care for your loved ones, we can help. Neighborly Home Care has skilled and compassionate caregivers. Our team is passionate about providing your loved ones with needed, high-quality care. To learn more about the advantages of the 24-hour home care services, speak with a Neighborly Home Care representative today.