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Senior Health & Happiness Go Hand-In-Hand!

“Keep yourself in good shape if you can. Have many passions. And look for magic moments… like sunsets and sunrises, rainbows, beautiful birds, music and people’s lovely comments to you. All of those are magic moments and they are free for all. Be sure to keep your eye open for them.”

senior health and happiness

These amazing pieces of advice were offered by Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins – 103 years young and the oldest competitive runner in America. She is a beacon of senior health and holds medals and world record times in the 100+ age class.

She had never even run an official race before her 100th birthday!

Julia is an inspiring example of how to grow older without acting old. Health and happiness are closely linked in senior citizens, and they reinforce each other. Acting happy and healthy can increase the chances that a senior can be happy and healthy.

Even if seniors lack the dexterity to run 100m dashes in their spare time, they still have plenty of other ways to increase their health and happiness!

6 Tips for Becoming A Happier, Healthier Senior

1. “Act your age”…?  Nonsense.

Anyone who tells you to “act your age” is just holding you back. Your retirement years should be some of the best years of your life, especially because they offer the freedom to do whatever you want. Be the person you want to be, instead of the person that societal expectations tell you to be.

2. Smile!  

Look happy, feel happy.  This really works. When you are happy and outgoing, you will feel better about yourself – and you will probably inspire happiness in those around you, too!

3. Avoid naysayers 

Are your friends and family mostly positive and upbeat… or are they gloomy and pessimistic?  Having positive influences in your life helps you stay positive. When you have too many people around you who are constantly complaining and looking for the worst in the world, you might want to distance yourself from them.

4. Reduce how much news you watch, or curate your sources  

Modern news – particularly cable news – thrives on conflict and negativity, which makes watching the news without getting depressed sometimes difficult. When you find yourself reading or watching news designed to make you angry, look for better and more upbeat sources.

5. Walk with purpose!

Head up, straight spine, long strides. The way you walk and move will directly affect your mood. If at all possible, walk like a younger person.  You will feel better for doing so.

6. Embrace the arts

The best time in a person’s life to discover their inner artist is right now.  Painting, music, sculpture, dancing…  if any of the arts call to you, answer! Using art as a creative outlet is an amazing way to maintain a happier outlook on life.

Neighborly Home Care Helps Maintain Senior Health and Lifestyle

We are dedicated to providing the in-home care a senior needs while preserving individual independence and day-to-day lifestyle. To learn more about our caring approach to senior health and senior home care, just contact us!

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