Senior Care in Philadelphia, PA

Neighborly Home Care Stresses the Importance of Healthy Meal Preparation for Those Who Require Senior Care

As our loved ones age, maintaining good health is of the utmost importance. Eating well and taking their prescribed medications regularly and on time can make all the difference with their health. As people with medical conditions grow older, often the number of medications they must take can increase as well.

Keeping up with what pills need to be taken and the frequency with which they need to be taken can be a challenge. For seniors with conditions that affect their cognitive abilities, they may need assistance with remembering to take medications. Our Neighborly Home Care professionals offer senior care services in Philadelphia, PA, that include medication reminders and meal preparation.

What Does our Meal Preparation Include?

  • A close adherence to your loved ones’ dietary needs
  • If specific direction is given, caregivers will prepare meals to the client’s specification as long as they conform to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Caregivers may even be able to teach their clients how to cook special types of meals (for example, kosher meals).

We believe that everybody, regardless of age, deserves to live a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, our senior care services in Philadelphia include medication reminders and meal preparation. From providing small, healthy snacks to learning how to prepare kosher meals, our caregivers will adapt as best as they can to meet your loved one’s needs and preferences.

Trust Neighborly Home Care for Your Loved One’s Senior Care in Philadelphia, PA

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