President and Founder

Rod Rhen

President and Founder

My Story

One of the only photographs I have of me next to my dad’s father is in a nursing home shortly before he died at the age of 57. When I look at this picture, it brings to mind very distinct memories of those last moments with my grandfather and my first experiences in a nursing home. I would say none of those memories would ever choose to pair the word ‘home’ to my descriptions of those visits. These experiences strongly influenced my decision to start a home care organization, particularly, an organization that would make quality home care within financial reach for many families.

My Background

Many people are surprised to find out that I have a Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering Degree from Bucknell and yet I am running a home care organization. I find that my detail-oriented nature and my constant need to improve things is the engineering side of the equation that has been essential in helping Neighborly Home Care achieve success. And when I define success I define it not just in the fact that we are a financially viable organization that is here to stay, but also in the fact that our clients and their families are happy to work with us.

Being a part of ROTC in college, as well as being an officer in the army, were critical experiences that helped shape who I am professionally. Specifically, I worked in the Corps of Engineers, as a platoon leader for 3 years in Augusta, Georgia. From day one I was in charge of 30 soldiers, many of whom were my same age or older. We did civil engineering projects on the post where we were located, the purpose being preparedness training: should we be deployed to build something, we could. Preparedness training taught my mind to consider the value of what I’m learning now in light of the future benefits it could provide me. This way of thinking was an asset to me when I left the army and worked for a manufacturing company in Buffalo and an even greater asset to me when I saw the opportunity to start a home care agency and pursued it.

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