Errand Service in Philadelphia

Seniors and others who may have physical restrictions are often in need of assistance and look for companies that provide errand services in Philadelphia. We all need a little help sometimes and at Neighborly Home Care, our home care professionals provide care, aid, and run errands for seniors who are unable to or need assistance with certain tasks. One of the biggest hurdles that seniors face when running errands is that they are too far away from amenities and/or are unable to drive themselves. Our caregivers can help you or your loved ones by offering errand services.

Neighborly Home Care Provides Errand Services to Seniors in Philadelphia

Errand Service in Philadelphia - senior home care nurse helping elderly woman walk down stairsWhen senior citizens require regular assistance, they still desire control over their own lives and a sense of autonomy. In many cases, that means an elderly person’s needs extend beyond the comfort of their own home. At Neighborly Home Care, our home care providers and caregivers are fully equipped to handle a multitude of tasks both inside and outside of a senior citizen’s home. These tasks encompass everything from the activities of daily living within the home to errand services in Philadelphia.

Elderly individuals living with debilitating diseases, and who may have no family members who are able to aid them at a moment’s notice, may find completing simple tasks on their own to be difficult. At Neighborly Home Care, our goal is to ensure that you or your loved ones are able to continue a daily routine without interruption. Our job is to ensure you or your family member maintains a lifestyle that is comfortable and that encourages independence while receiving care.

To take advantage of our errand services in Philadelphia please note that we must have adequate time to schedule. Our typical service requires a 4 hour minimum and must be scheduled 24 hours in advance. For our clients who are already receiving regular in home care, transportation services are provided as part of that regular care when needed.

What Do Our Errand Services Include?

Errand services at Neighborly Home Care include transport for seniors to and from wherever they may need to go in Philadelphia. This can include driving to doctor/medical appointments, salon or hair appointments, to the post office, the grocery store, and to social events or other locations as needed. Depending on the level of care that is required, the person receiving care may or may not be present when running errands. A caretaker may act as an escort or companion if an elderly individual is able to travel. In other cases, a professional may run the errands in place of the person for whom they are providing care.

Being able to regularly attend doctor’s appointments and pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy is crucial for many senior citizens. Once individuals have reached a certain age and have experienced changes to their health, neglecting to regularly refill medications can be detrimental. Neighborly Home Care’s caregivers help ensure that you or your loved ones continue to live a long and healthy life.

To learn more about our Philadelphia errand services and senior care services and why a commitment to care is so important to the professionals at Neighborly Home Care, contact us by phone at 610-658-5822 or visit our We Care Page.



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