Transportation Services For Seniors

Transportation services for Seniors- caregiver accompanying senior client- Neighborly Home CareAs a benefit to our clients, Neighborly Home Care’s professional caregivers can also provide transportation services for seniors. When seniors in our care need to attend doctor appointments, their care providers will drive them to the appointment, escort them inside, and be available to take notes during the visit. These notes can be helpful later when family members want to be kept up to date on loved ones’ care. Following the appointment, the caregiver will pick up prescriptions and return home with our senior client.

In Home Care Professionals from Neighborly Home Care Provide Transportation Services for Seniors

Whether clients need their caregivers to pick up a prescription or take them to the doctor’s office, in home care professionals at Neighborly Home Care can ensure seniors get to their destination safely. Depending on the level of care an elderly person receives, a caregiver may also take care of errands for them while they relax in the comfort of their own homes. Our caregivers try to take our clients along whenever possible because we wish to keep our clients as active and engaged in their own daily activities and lives as they can be. For some clients, leaving the home may be unfeasible. In other instances, scheduling conflicts may require that an errand be completed on their behalf. For example, grocery shopping can be done by the in home care professional if the client can be left alone or if family is visiting.

Our transportation services ensure that each and every one of our clients’ out-of-home needs are met. In order to maintain the health and wellbeing of yourself or your family member, we understand that leaving the house, for a number of reasons, may be necessary. The importance of social interaction, participating in activities to maintain one’s health, routine, independence, and happiness cannot be disregarded even when receiving professional home care.

Errand Transportation Services for Seniors and More

Senior citizens or elderly individuals living with debilitating conditions who are looking for a home care agency in Philadelphia or any of the surrounding areas in Delaware County should consider Neighborly Home Care.

For Main Line Philadelphia area residents who are not receiving our caregiver services, we do have individual errand services available. To take advantage of these errand services in Philadelphia please note that we must have adequate time to schedule. Our typical service requires a 4 hour minimum and must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

We understand that the level of care varies per person and we can create a customized care plan to best suit you or your family member’s needs. We provide the best care for your loved one and our services are not limited to just in home care. To learn more about our home care and transportation services in Philadelphia contact us at (610) 658-5822.

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