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Great Winter Senior Care in Philadelphia Encourages Seniors to Stay Active for Health and Happiness

senior care in PhiladelphiaProviding senior care in Philadelphia can be particularly tricky during the winter, and for more reasons than just the dangers presented by snow and ice. One big danger to vulnerable seniors in the winter is the tendency to become sedentary.  Being cooped up in the house during a long winter without staying active can contribute significantly to heart disease or other health problems.

For your sake and the sake of the loved one under your care, find ways to stay active and mobile regardless of how cold the winter weather gets.

Tips for Senior Care in Philadelphia: Six Healthy Wintertime Activities

Visit public exercise centers

Depending on their level of mobility, many opportunities could be available for seniors to get out of the house and visit public venues for exercise and socialization.  Many facilities sponsor senior fitness classes or have indoor pools which are usable year-round.  If these services are available, making use of them will help a senior’s mind and body.  Even walking around a public space, such as a mall, can be good exercise.

Exercise on home equipment

If going out for exercise is impossible sometimes, try a stationary bike, treadmill or even use a fun video for seniors. New Apps can help users to feel like they are outdoors with views of changing scenery so they avoid boredom.

Start an indoor garden

Gardening is always a wonderful activity for seniors and gives them projects to work on each day.  Even better, the result is often super-healthy fresh produce or herbs, or simply beautiful and uplifting house plants! You can help by setting up some hydroponics, or making sure the right supplies are on hand. Gardening is an excellent hobby and one that keeps seniors active.

Learn a musical instrument

Music is highly recommended for seniors in general as a way of staving off dementia because playing music utilizes the brain. Playing an instrument also encourages better hand-eye coordination. Seniors can play alone or in company, and taking lessons is a good way to motivate continued efforts.

Play board games or video games

Games are very good for seniors’ minds and attitudes.  Whether seniors prefer an old Scrabble board or a brand-new video console, games keep their brains active and encourage positive interactions with others.  Studies have also suggested video games can help prevent dementia.

Start a special interest group

Whether your senior loved one enjoys cooking, reading, writing or bingo, others share those interests. Help facilitate a way for the group to meet. In the winter, slippery weather might make home meetings unsafe, so maybe a virtual meeting can fill the gap! Technology offers many benefits to seniors who may be less able to travel.

Neighborly Home Care Can Help Your Loved Ones This Winter

Need help caring for a senior loved one? Neighborly Home Care is here to assist. Contact us to learn more about our programs and our caregivers or check out our blogs for more helpful information about senior care in Philadelphia.

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